Our Holy Saturdays, August 10, 2016 Daily Reflection



How often do we talk about Holy Saturday? What happened on Holy Saturday? On Good Friday Jesus Christ was persecuted and killed. On Easter Sunday Jesus Christ rose from the dead. What happened on Holy Saturday?

Holy Saturday was the dark day of loss, there was no feeling that Jesus Christ would rise from the dead. There was just suffering, mourning, confusion, loss, pain, and anguish. The apostles who followed Jesus Christ all the way to his arrest ran for their lives. They hid away from all those who might associate them with Jesus Christ. They could not understand why this was happening to them. They felt as though all they had believed in was wrong. Their identities would now be questioned. Who were they without Jesus Christ? What would become of them? They did not have hope.

Each of us live Holy Saturday more times than we want to experience. The times in our lives when nothing makes sense, when the world seems to be moving and leaving us behind. The times when the pain and depth of loss feel unbearable. Times when we see no hope for a recovery. In that deepest sorrow, during the darkest night of our souls is when we die to our own identity. Until we surrender our pain, confusion, or loss to God we cannot find the resurrection. Then there is the resurrection. Our entire universe was designed and created for the resurrection.

God blesses us at the end of Holy Saturday with a Resurrection Sunday. It is the moment when we recognize hope again, we believe in a future, we sense the end of the suffering and we feel the presence of God. The length of each Holy Saturday is different from the last. What feels like an eternity could be only hours. God’s timing is not our own.

If you are stuck in the pain and frustration of a Holy Saturday remember that there is ALWAYS a resurrection Sunday. Unlike the apostles, we have the luxury of knowing that we need only to surrender to God he will bring us through to the Resurrection!

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