Holy Spirit Retreat, June 21, 2012 Daily Reflection

One of our retreat attendees on our nature walking during our Holy Spirit Retreat

We gathered each from our own little corner of our world. We came together to share our stories, walk in nature, pray aloud, reflect in silence and be a part of a common good. We were on a retreat filled with the Holy Spirit and the love of the Lord surrounding us. We were ignited, rekindled and inspired to shine when we walked out those doors.

A retreat is a calming way to rejuvenate your spirit and your energy. However, if you don’t take with you all that you have experienced and felt then it has failed.

We shouldn’t have to be on a retreat to come together; with others, with nature or with God. We should take what was imparted to us into the world and shine with the love of God to the world. You are a once in a lifetime person. Never forget that. Open your heart and your mind to God and you will be renewed and refreshed as well.


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