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The Window of an old log cabin

Tattered, aged and weathered, paint peeling this window speaks to my soul. A sense of history calls out people lived within these wooden walls, children’s noses were pressed to the window panes, pebbles were pelted at the thick glass bidding someone to come out and play. The branches creeping up appear to be peaking inside yet the reflection of the tree blocks one’s vision of the inner space. Someone lived there once, ate there, played there, grew old there and here I am able to capture its fleeting history. If only I knew, if I could see into the lives of that family that lived within I would gather clues as to the real history.

One day we will each be a part of history; some day someone might find our abode a sacred place of the past revealing a different culture and existence. What will your home reveal about your family? Is your home a place of joy and laughter or sorrow and tragedy? Is your home filled with children running, bumping into walls and leaving fingerprints on everything? Is your home possessed by an engrossing silence that cannot be broken? Is your home a house that has every possession that people want for in our culture? Is your home simply comfy and quaint, not much furniture and no bells or whistles? Has your family left an impression on this structure? Have you made your house into a home or just a place to dwell within?

Our homes are our touchstones the place we leave to go out into the world, to work, school, grocery, bank, church and on trips etc. Our homes are the place we long for when we need comfort, when we feel lost and confused, when the trip has lasted a little too long. Our home is not made of wood, brick, stone or siding it is made of our spouse, children, loved ones and family. It is the place where we live, laugh, relax, work, fight, cook, clean, listen, cry and truly live our lives without anyone watching, true to who we are right here and now.

Will your window call to someone 100 years from now? Will it give the sense of peace you feel when you cross its threshold each day? Is your house your home? We only have one life to live with our family in that home, it is so temporary. Today cherish, embrace and appreciate your home for without you and your family it would be just a house.


  1. Mary McCracken

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