Homemade doughnuts, February 18, 2013 Daily Reflection

My Homemade doughnuts

These are my homemade doughnuts, simple, sweet, yummy and fun to make. I bought a can of biscuits, the cheap ones, flattened each one out and poked a hole in the middle. I put about 2 inches of canola oil in a big pot and heated on medium to low heat for about 5 minutes. Then I placed the flattened biscuit in the hot oil. After it browned lightly on both sides I took it out of the pot and let it dry a bit on a paper towel. I then placed it in a ziplock baggie filled with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar and shook it. It was that easy! It didn’t cost much money, the kids like to shake the bag and they are yummy. It was sweet and simple. All it took was a little time.

Too many times in life we think we should not attempt to make something if it will not be perfect, complicated or elaborate. I could have gone to a bakery and bought the finest doughnuts, or to the store to buy store bought doughnuts. However, I choose to take the simple route that took a little more time but gave us, as a family, a little more fun together.

Simple is good. Time together is precious. Laughter with our family is priceless.

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