Hope, March 23 Daily Reflection

Jake is trying to put the broken branch back on the tree.

“Mommy, I am going to find where this branch broke off this tree and put it back on it!” Jake said as he tried to put the stick back in place.

Plain and simple that’s called Hope.

So many children have it. That feeling that anything is possible. Things might be a challenge but they are never impossible. For goodness sakes he thought he could reattach a branch to a tree not for lack of knowledge but because he sees all things as possible.

How different would our world look if we saw all situations in such a light? How different would our personal every day existence be if we only held HOPE in our heart without the damaging fears of failure and regret?

To be a child so simplistic and unknowing…

to be a child full of optimism and Hope…

to be fully alive in the Hope that God has graced us with time and time again.

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