Hope in all things, August 2, 2017 Daily Reflection

the reflection

Hope is an expectation or desire for something to happen. The Catholic Faith is based on Hope, because of the paschal mystery and the resurrection that we may all have eternal life with God.
Each day of our lives we can think of life as ho hum, miserable, ok, brilliant or something in between. Hope is what changes our attitude. Our inner thoughts and feelings change our outward actions and the way we choose to live our lives. Hope should exist in all areas of our lives from the biggest ideas to our everyday tasks…
Hope in world peace
Hope in love and compassion
Hope in the awareness that God the creator is love
Hope in understanding and appreciating beauty in life
Hope in experiencing our blessings
Hope in our leaders, mentors, and teachers
Hope in our future generations
Hope in our families, friends, and loved ones
Hope in understanding our calling
Hope in fulfilling our calling and purpose
Hope that our lives will give meaning and purpose to others
Hope that tomorrow is better than today for every person who suffers
Hope that God will bring healing of others through my love and compassion
Hope that one day when I meet God face to face I will no longer need hope.

What do you hope in or for?
Never let go of that hope!

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