How Can Anyone Not See That? November 7 Sunday Tidbit


How can anyone not see that? It sheds light upon the beach and shimmers almost at a blinding glow upon the water. It is brighter than anything on this earth and yet people say I do not believe. How is it that people can walk away from the glow of our creator and claim they never have seen Him? How can people ask for proof when their human existence alone should prove His existence? Why do people blindly walk away from the truth and say there is no scientific evidence when nature exists and surrounds them? How can people not see?

As a person of faith God’s existence is blinding in my life and I guess it is a gift from God, the grace of faith. I thank God daily for giving me this gift freely and expecting nothing in return but my life will be filled with ways to return His grace through whatever God commissions me to do with this sacred life He breathed into my lungs. As one of faith it is so hard to understand how anyone can’t see God everywhere they look.


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