How can we make a difference? March 12, 2012 Daily Reflection


I am raising my child with faith

Our world in many ways appears to be going straight to hell. We wonder how this is possible. Possibly it is because not everyone is raised with a belief in a higher being. There is no one to be held accountable to in this life. Many people just operate on the loose premise; as long as I stay out of jail life is fine. So everything that is legal is fine to do. You can legally commit hundreds of sins against yourself and one another. If the law is the only thing that people answer to then we are indeed in trouble.

However, if you believe in a higher being, I call Him God, then you strive to live by a different code of ethics. You live not to please your every desire but for the good of others. God has taught us to live in a way that reflects His love for us by loving ourselves as well as our neighbor unconditionally. If you love yourself then you would not be hedonistic instead you would respect the temple that is your body that God has created. If this held true we would not abuse our bodies with excess anything; food, alcohol, drugs etc. If you love others you would not steal, cheat, lie or abuse others in any way. Sin is any action that moves us away from God. We all sin but the difference between those who believe and try to live their faith daily and those who do not is that those who believe live their lives trying to avoid sin, cling to goodness and remain close to God. But we are all sinners and fail. So those of us who believe seek forgiveness and God’s instructions on how to live.

If all children were raised with God, a code of ethics and values then there would be less pain and needless suffering. How many studies have shown that criminals, gangsters, abusive people and murders came from a home with little to no love shown to them? If we want to make a difference and save this world then we should find our faith, live our faith and raise our children with faith. I am fully accountable to God for my actions and my lack of actions and it makes me take pause when making daily choices. Not because I am a child and He is the authority that will punish me but because I want to be as close as I can to Him. I want to be a better person. I strive to fulfill the purpose for which I was created.

Do the people of today that only think of the bottom line and not their employees strive to fulfill their purpose or are they trying to fulfill a monetary dream? Do the people who rape, abuse and murder care for the good of others or do they believe there is no judgment after this life? Do the people who bully, gossip and hurt others understand that these are creations of God they are abusing?

I believe there would be a moral compass if only we all had faith. I believe this world would be a better place. It is proven by the countless men and women who serve others in the name of God and the good of humankind. There are many examples to follow bad and good. Which philosophy do you hold, all for your pleasure or living your faith?


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