How do you embrace your spirit? April 10, 2018 Daily Reflection

Sunset over the Jetty in Fl

Each of us was created body and soul, our soul is that which holds the essence of who we are; the spirit, the divine spark within, the traces of God, the fingerprint of God. That spirit within needs to breathe, to be nourished, listened to, embraced, and to be able to flourish. What do we do in our every day lives to give life to the spirit within?

Easy daily spiritual practices to help each of us get to know our spirit within can be as easy as 10 minutes of quiet, 5 minutes spent in prayer, or a mindful walk in nature. We need some time each day to simply be human so we can get in touch with our spirit. It is easier to notice when the spirit has been smothered, we suffer, feel distant from self and just cold. When we are in touch with our spirit we feel compassion, connection, love, and goodness. We need to take the time to be alone and with others. God wants us to be in good relationships; this starts with knowing our spirit first.

Today, think about a few ways you can get in touch with the spirit within. If 10 minutes of quiet is too much start with 5. When that judgmental voice starts saying you can’t do this, acknowledge that you heard what it thinks, but that voice is not your inner spirit. Ask it to step aside and listen deep within. Have compassion and love for yourself as you try this. It will not happen in one day. It takes lots of practice but it is worth the time and effort to embrace that spirit within you. If quiet doesn’t work, take a walk or sit in nature. The point of the practice is to find that which opens your heart to your spirit. It will be a different practice for each person. Start the process of discovering that practice today.

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