How do you see it? September 1, 2015 Daily Reflection

2015 Clouds in the skyHow do you see this picture? Do you see it as a beautiful blue sky with a cotton pulled cloud lightly floating above your head? Do you see it as a potential rain cloud that will soon ruin a beautiful day? Do you simply see it as no big deal?

We all come from different experiences, backgrounds, and mindsets. The other day in class a student presented what I perceived as a breathtaking picture of a sunset. One student said, “It’s just a sunset.” I was blown away. I asked him if he saw the beauty in the picture. He did not. It’s so easy to only see from our own perspective, that is how we see 24 hours a day. However, we need to realize people have come from so many different places, people, families, and ideas. To feel true compassion for others we must learn to walk outside of ourselves and start to understand their position in life. Are you ready to see from a different perspective? Take the time to do this and you will understand your fellow man better.

So, how do you see it?

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