How fast will he go? July 19 Daily Reflection

Spencer pretending to drive a golf cart

How fast will he go? Will he drive crazy? Will he drive with caution and concern for the other drivers on the road?

As parents we try our best to instill values in our children. We do this through our actions daily by talking with them about consequences and by disciplining them from a very young age. We try so hard to do right by our children so that one day when they are fully grown they will make the right choices. The most important value we must instill is love. If our children know how deeply we love them then ultimately they will know that we raised them the best that we could.

We should try to give them every possible advantage to understanding love, kindness, selflessness, and goodness possible. If we can raise our children to respect and love others they will lead a good life. Often times it is so much easier to give in to their every want and desire than to explain why they should not be spoiled rotten, having the world revolve only around their wants. However, it is when we say no with love and an explanation that they learn this world is not here to serve them. We must teach our children we are here to serve others needs. We are here to love, respect and care for others as well as ourselves.

The way we choose to raise our children will affect them for a lifetime. As parents we must reflect on how we are raising them often. What we do and say, what we choose to give them; love, respect, kindness or just material possessions, will change their choices for a lifetime. We can instill in them a sense of entitlement or a sense of kindness. What will you choose?

Will your child drive fast, crazy and without care for others as an adult? Or will your child be a cautious and caring driver? The choice is yours today.

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