How Important Is Practice? March 29 Daily Reflection

Spencer practicing basketball

How often do we as Moms take our children to practice? We take them to basketball, volleyball, track, soccer, swimming, golf, softball, piano, band, quick recall, dance, cheer, tennis and the list goes on and on. Most of the time it feels like all we do is run them here and there for practice 3 -5 times a week depending upon how many children you have. I have 4 and right now we have 7 practices a week for the 3 children that are in sports.  They do all of this practice during the week for a game once a week. How important is practice anyway?

My husband and I are “training”- a grown up way of saying practicing, for a series of races. We have been running for years yet before the races begin we have to train on a regular schedule. It seems that we train for weeks sometimes months for one big race. How important is the training anyway?

Practice and training are extremely important. On the most basic level practice teaches our children how to play the game, the rules, expectations and skills. Practicing a sport or a skill makes you better prepared for anything that could happen in a game. Training, similar to practice actually conditions our bodies to physically endure a race. When I train my body becomes accustom to the long runs and physically it changes and adapts. On the day of the race I physically know that I am ready and mentally I have the confidence to know I can complete the race.

Do we practice or train in our faith? I don’t mean just religion. That is great if you are part of an organized religion then practicing it and going to Church will better prepare you for what is to come in your life. Putting aside “religion” for a moment do you practice your faith, what you believe and trust in without seeing?  Do you have faith in God? Do you pray to God? Have you developed a relationship with God over the years? Do you practice what you believe in everyday life? Do you believe everyone should be treated kindly, with respect and love?  Do you treat everyone in life kindly with respect and love?  Do you believe that all people deserve love?  Do you give all people love by smiling, being kind and not judging anyone?  What do you believe in?

If we practice our faith daily then we sharpen our skills. We train our bodies, souls and minds to depend on God and not on this world. Then when we hit the difficult times in life we know that although it will not be easy, without a doubt, God will be there, our faith will be there because we have practiced and trained for it all our lives. There will be a time in each of our lives that we will have nothing to cling to but our faith and if that rock is not solid beneath our feet then we will fall. Practice is important not just for the game or the race but for our relationship with God, with each other and for our life forever.

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