How much do they weigh? September 27 Daily Reflection

The Scale

How much do they weigh? You know, all those grudges, all that anger, all that pent up hostility, all that hate and all those acts that were done to you that you cannot forgive. How much do they weigh?

All that weight is sometimes more than we can silently handle. So we let it ooze out from time to time in our rolling eyes, our annoyed sighs, and our shortness with our children and our tense muscles. This weight it affects everything in our lives from our relationships to our attitude to how we live life.

Are you ready to lift the weight and change the scale, make the burden lighter? There comes a time in everyone’s life when we must decide to make a change or just keep the hate alive. If your back is tired and your heart is heavy now is the time. It is easy to rehash what wrongs have been done to you as you list them one by one to validate your anger to another. The difficult part is letting them go one by one.  You were wronged and no one said they were sorry and maybe life is treating that person well which makes you even madder. What you don’t realize is holding that hate so close to your heart is hurting you more than the person who first inflicted the pain. That person went on with their life and likely forgot all about the action. It is you who lives with the pain daily because you will not let it go. If you can forgive you can be free.

It is a process. You must be so tired that you can’t deal with the weight any longer; you must see its negative effect on your life so that you will have to change it all. You must reflect and relive the pain a bit and then forgive that action. Acknowledge the pain and make a commitment to letting it go.  Don’t let it take another moment away from your spouse, your children, and your life. No one is asking you to pretend it didn’t happen but only to allow yourself the freedom to move past the action, to learn to cope and to try to let the pain go so that you can lead a fuller life without it.

Allow those who love you most to support you through this process.  Take the time to reflect, forgive and take the weight off of your life so that you can replace it with love from your family, positive energy from your friends and the love of God.  Only you can change the weight of your life, no one else can do it but they are probably ready for that change to come.

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