How Old do you feel? May 24 Daily Reflection

Jake on his tippy toes

Up on his tippy toes he is always reaching up on his little feet; reaching for a cup, the faucet or the soap. One day he will stand flat footed with everything within his grasp. It happens without thought or warning and suddenly they are older.

Age creeps up on us without our knowledge of it. Regardless of our age most of us feel a certain age in our mind. I feel like I am still 32 even though I am 37 because at age 32 I was finished having all of my children. But many times I still feel 23, the age I was when I got married; when the world was fresh, open and new. Then there are times when I feel 18, giddy as a teenager and youthful especially when I am running in a race. My Grandmother who is now 94 says she still feels 60 in her mind. We are as young or as old as we feel. The only exception to that theory is when our bodies fail us and our age becomes more apparent. What age do you feel? What about that age did you love the best?

Although I still feel younger than I am this day and this time is the best time of my life. I would never return to the other years. They all held treasures beyond belief but this is the time I love the most. I love the time I have as a mom watching their little feet and their wobbly tippy toes! I love being a wife and staying at home making my family my first priority. This is indeed the best age, the best time of my life.

What has been your best age and best time?

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