How will I? October 9, 2012 Daily Reflection

All of our stuff for the camping trip

“How is all of that going to fit in there?” I asked my husband this question the morning we were packing to go camping. “Oh, it will fit!” The things you don’t see in this picture are the six bikes and six pillows.

So many times in our lives we doubt our own abilities. How will I ever make it through this crisis? How will I manage to pay for a Catholic Education? How will I make ends meet? How will I take care of my aging parents and help my grown children? How will I balance all that life throws at me? To those questions I would like to say “When you depend on God IT WILL ALL WORK OUT!” Maybe it won’t fit in the trunk of the van like our things did. Maybe you will have to use the roof rack and shove it under the seats. However, if you depend on God to guide you through He will show you a way. Usually a way you never thought possible. We are not capable of thinking as God thinks. So we have no idea how things will unfold. Sometimes things unfold in a horrible way but we deal with it, learn from it, adapt to it and keep on keeping on.

The van packed by Aaron

The Van after the packing was finished. Everything was snugly in a place. Nothing was left behind that we “needed”.

All of our bikes…

We had the best camping trip ever. Not because of all the things we needed but because we were together. However, if my husband had not been able to pack those 40 degree sleeping bags we would have been cold.

Trust in God. God knows what you need before you do. God will show you the way when you believe you cannot handle anymore. He will give you the strength and the ability to keep on keeping on. But you have to believe, and depend on Him.

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