HUGS!!! March 29, 2012 Daily Reflection

Spencer & Anna hugging each other

I learned something new this weekend. Something big! Something that can change my day and your day! A hug can last all day long! Research studies have been completed that have proven we all need human touch, as humans we NEED IT! Studies were done that prove when you are hugged your endorphins (those hormones that make you happy) go up and stay steady for hours after the hug. It’s true!!!

Our children must have already known this fact. How often does your child want to hug you? How often do you want to hug your spouse? How good does it feel to hug a good friend? Hug away my friends it is good for you, it makes you both happy all day long! Today, start hugging and see how long it lasts for you. When you start to feel down go get another hug. What a great way to raise our spirits and others at the same time.

Have you hugged someone today?

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