Human Contact, February 7, 2018 Daily Reflection

Hugging my man

Due to having the flu I was not able to hug anyone for 5 days! In a typical day I get at least 10 hugs. I hug my kids and husband goodbye in the morning. I hug each of my kids goodnight and we pray together holding hands. I hug my friends when I see them! Starting last Thursday I could not touch another human being for fear of spreading the flu. Last night after I finished my last pill of tamaflu my daughter let me hug her and so did my youngest son. They were very long hugs! They missed my hugs as well.

It’s funny how when we are put in different circumstances than normal in life that we actually see from a different perspective. Being ill has isolated me from society. I did not leave my house for days. I did not visit family and friends and I could not go to church on Sunday. I was not able to hug or feel physical human contact. It was a horrible denial of my need to be loved. Yet, there are people in our society who lack this physical contact daily because they live alone, or they are confined to a hospital bed, or are in a nursing home. It makes me so sad to consider how many people just want to be hugged.

Today, if you are healthy, consider how many loved ones you can hug. Don’t hug people that don’t want to be hugged. It’s always kind to ask first. Then hug away because there is a human element that needs that physical contact to feel loved!


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