The Hunt, March 28, 2016 Daily Reflection

Boys hunting for Easter Eggs

Boys hunting for Easter Eggs

Yesterday, they hunted for Easter eggs at least three different times. They followed each other into different rooms looking intently, motivated by the hunt and the candy that filled each egg. At my parent’s house when they could not find the last eggs my parents helped them. They were given support and guidance.

In our lives we are on a constant hunt. We are on the hunt for what makes us happy. Most of us are motivated to find the happiness that lays just beyond our reach. We follow others in different careers, places, and ideas. We look intently hoping to find that thing, person, job, place, or idea that will make us content. When we fail on our hunt our family and friends support us trying to guide us. Our culture is all about the hunt because we believe that we are in complete control of our destiny. The truth is that we are not in complete control and the sooner we relinquish some “control” and surrender our idea of “happiness”, then we can let God guide and support us. If we would stop searching so hard, and start listening, stilling our movement, quieting our minds, and open our hearts then we could hear God speak to our souls about our need for the hunt.

We are all hunting in life and that’s ok, but at some point it is more beneficial to just still our souls and listen because God has the answer, he always has. God is where the hunt should begin and will end.


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