I am an original, August 2, 2013 Daily Reflection

My smoothie pyramid

I am what you call an original! Some people enjoy drinking beer and liquor. They enjoy building their beer walls. Not me, I do not drink alcohol at all! But I do enjoy drinking smoothies. My husband and I go to a charity auction each year and they have free samples with your admission ticket. They enjoy their adult beverages and I enjoy my smoothies! I think I had a bit of a sugar buzz that evening. Yes, I did drink 14 sample cups of smoothies. I am what you would call an original!!

Since I was a child I liked being unique. I have never liked following the crowd, trends or the latest fashions. I always just wanted to be me. It’s much easier as an adult to be yourself than as a child. But it is SO important to get to know who you are and reveal it to the world. Each one of us is an original but many of us are too self conscious to admit it. We all want to be accepted and so we don’t walk outside that line. I say jump over the line and just be who you are. If you know who you are and are kind and respectful of others originality you will be accepted by people who genuinely respect you.  Don’t worry about the “cool crowd” many times they just don’t know who they are so they blend. Self discovery is a wonderful time of growth and maturity. Embrace the journey.

You are an original too!

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