In your shoes, May 1, 2013 Daily Reflection

In your shoes

I am but a person. Just a single person in this lifetime. However I found and married my beloved and the two of us became one and from such sacred unity touched by the hands of God another was formed and another and two more. Blessed beyond reason was I by the generous grace of God. Now where a single person once stood stands a family. From the love of my parents and family I learned how to love others and to give love back to the world.

In your shoes stands a person, a single person but for the grace of God you are more than one standing alone. With the love of God in your heart and the will to follow His lead you too can be so much more than you are today; whether it is through marriage, children, family, teaching or loving your opportunities are endless. Find your calling, your path, your way through the will of God and be not alone but share your life and love with the world.

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