I Am the King, May 24, 2013 Daily Reflection

Jake at the Falls of the Ohio River

“I am the king of the Ohio River!” Jake exclaimed on the top of this rock. We went on our first field trip to the Falls of the Ohio; my children, my sister’s children and another friend’s children. We travel with 14 children and are always asked “What school are you with?” It’s fun to go with such a big group of children. We explore, laugh, picnic and have a great time together.

Jake had that feeling that we as adults have when we have conquered a fear or accomplished a task that we did not think possible. We stand on that rock and in our mind we shout “I am the king of….!” We love the ups in our lives. We think we could handle all ups in our lives. Who wants to live with the downs and the falls of this life? Alas life has to have the river and the falls. Without the downs we would not give such thought to the ups. If we always felt good it would become a complacent feeling and we would not enjoy it. It is through the hardships that we build character and appreciation for the good times in our lives. Without the loss we would not celebrate the victories.

What have you lost recently? What have you achieved recently? Our lives are a balance of gains and losses. Embrace the loss and celebrate the gains. Let yourself have that moment to say “I am the king today!” even if it is a fleeting thought.

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