I can imagine, May 20 Daily Reflection

State Library at the old Ky Capital

Can’t you just imagine it? Imagine a woman sitting there 200 years ago dipping her feathered pen into the ink and writing by the flickering light of the melting candle. Can’t you just smell the musty smell of the library with shadows falling across her parchment paper?  I can just imagine her hunched over writing long strokes with the pen; her thoughts somewhere other than that library, her words heavy and moving, her experiences on that parchment paper. I can imagine. Had I lived 200 years ago I would have been right there.

I live in the year 2011 and I rarely have to use any type of pen. Instead I use my computer, my palm phone to write my reflections on, not paper. I text, email, post on Face Book and Twitter, I am a product of the year 2011. It is easy, fast, fun and instant gratification. However, the stress level is higher to keep up with it all.

I long to sit in that chair and feel that time period where the only sound I would have heard was someone opening a book rather than chimes, ringtones, and loud songs coming from a phone. I long to sit in that simple solitude and simply write. There is much to be said for the simplicity and time consumed in thought because actions were more labored. Than our hurry up and get it done world. I can imagine it.

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