I can, October 14, 2011 Daily Reflection

Anna in the sunset

There she stands blocking the sunset. Yet, with all her goodness and innocence she fills the picture. She is the center of my world. In her world the sky is limitless and the ocean stretches on forever but it is conquerable. She gazes into the distance with thoughts and dreams bigger than the waves. Her life is an open book yet to be written upon. Nothing is closed or impossible to her. She says “I can”.

We are the center of our own lives. We cannot escape our thoughts, feelings or beings. So why not settle in, get comfy and start thinking better, bigger and more daring. Stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I believe I can”. Let the sky be limitless and the ocean conquerable. Give yourself permission to dream like the dreamers.  Break free from the binding attitudes of self doubt and give into an attitude of nothing is impossible.

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