I don’t understand, June 19, 2015 Daily Reflection

prayerI guess I just don’t understand hate. I know that you have to be taught hate. I guess many things can teach you hate but none more than the lack of love and affection. Those who are killing others must hate. How can anyone spend an hour in a church with others and then kill them. I know it says that he was planning it for months and maybe he was on some type of medication but how can you hate so much that you no longer see a person in front of you?

It was a senseless waste of human life. I guess as a faith filled mom and a teacher all I can do is love, teach others to love, and spread love. How else can we combat such hate but to love without violence, without thought, but to fully selflessly love others. What more can we do but love the victims, the families and pray for those who do not, hopefully showing them love so they can learn to love as well.

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