I don’t understand, September 28, 2015 Daily Reflection

Sunset last night

Sunset last night

When I witness a sunset and colors like this streaked across the sky, I always ask, “How can anyone not believe in God?” It is so obvious to me that there must be a creator to behold such beauty in nature. Something had to start it all, create it, and put it in motion. How were we blessed with bodies, souls, and emotions if there was not a God who created each one of us?

I believe, I would stake my life on it! There must a God and if in some people’s eyes that makes me less somehow or naive, then I am fine with that because I know that God is greater than me. I acknowledge that my mind will never understand God’s and I am accepting of my humanity, and praising God’s divinity. I am not too proud to say I believe in something I cannot see, touch, feel, or completely explain, because that is faith pure and simple. I believe, even though I don’t see with my physical eyes, I see God’s presence in nature, my family, and love. Even though I don’t feel the face of God, I feel his warmth in the hugs from my loved ones, and the feelings of acceptance from my prayers. Even though I can’t understand the mind of God, I can understand that I have a purpose in this life because God created me and loved me into being. I don’t have to explain it, I just live it and my life is better, richer, fuller, and filled with service and love of others because of my faith in God.

No one can touch, feel, see, or understand love yet even athiest believe in love! How can anyone explain love? But don’t we all believe in it? God is love!

Call me naive, but I believe and question how anyone doesn’t…

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