I Remember, July 25, 2012 Daily Reflection

My daughter and her friend at their 1st pro soccer game

My brother Jeff, Anna’s uncle and god father gave her the most amazing 11th birthday gift! He gave her tickets to a Columbus Crew Soccer Game. Not only that but he let her invite a friend to go with her. Not only that he took both of them (a 3.5 hour drive) bought them both jerseys and they were able to watch their first professional soccer game together. Anna and Hannah have been best friends for years. They are on the same soccer team and they both love soccer! They had an incredible experience together that they will always remember.

I remember my best friends from grade school. I remember my mom and grandma taking me and Debbie to the circus. I remember sleep overs, pool parties and birthday invitations. I remember the posters on their walls in their rooms. I remember laughing so hard together that we were literally rolling on the floor. I remember catching crawdads in the creek, playing kickball in the court, flash light tag at night and coming home for dinner at 5:00 every day to a home cooked meal with my family. I remember….

Because I remember my childhood so vividly I understand my children’s joy better.

I also remember the crushes that crushed my heart and not getting an invitation to the popular girl’s sleep over. I remember the teasing and being left out. I remember feeling alone. I remember…

Because I remember my childhood so well I am able to understand my children’s disappointments and sadness.

Do you remember? What stands out the most in your memory of your own childhood? Did you have an awesome uncle or god father who gave you such a wonderful gift? Did you go somewhere for the first time with your best friend? Do you remember the highs and lows of childhood?

We were all children once. We should let that fact help us to understand and empathize with not only our own children but all children today.


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