I want to be like my dad when I grow up! January 3, 2014 Daily Reflection

My Dad and my kids

My Dad and my kids

My students think I am crazy when I say “When I grow up I want to be just like my dad. He sets the best example for me.” They think I am already grown up and have chosen my path in this life. They think teaching is my calling. Teaching maybe my calling at this moment in time but every moment leads to the next as long as you are open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. This is just a step along the way in my path.

My Dad befriends the lonely, prays with the sick, listens to the mourning and prays for others. He is right there in the Hospital among those who are dying, holding their hands and praying with them. The Holy Spirit gives him the words to pray and the sentiments to tell those people how they inspire him. He comforts those mourning and is there to listen. He is serving God in so many different ways that touch the face of Christ.

My Dad told me long ago that his dad (my grandpa) said that when he retired he would go to daily Mass and serve the St. Vincent DePaul Society. That is exactly what he did. When I was young my Dad’s plan was much like that of his own father, to volunteer and serve those in need. He retired and that’s exactly what he does.  I was the service coordinator for 9 years at my children’s school and I LOVED teaching the students about serving others. I served right beside them. I have made service a part of my life because of my Dad and my grandpa, not just by watching them but I believe with an inherited gene given to me with a need to serve others. But just as they did when I retire I will continue the tradition and continue to serve others.

I want to be like my dad when I grow up!

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