I would say Yes Again, May 25 Daily Reflection

Flowers from my husband

Thirteen years of married life, four children later and I would still say “Yes” all over again to my husband!

So many brides think that it is all about the wedding day. I remember I planned our wedding from the day after he proposed for 18 months! I wanted it a certain way just like every little girl dreams when they have that moment in time to be the princess in that fairytale wedding. I was on a budget and did it all for less than $4,000 that included the reception and the dress! I am a frugal woman but my wedding was beautiful from the outside as well as the inside. We, my husband and I, could not stop smiling the entire day.

As a young child I dreamed of being married and staying at home with my children, just like my mom did. My dream never wavered. I believe God called me to that vocation and although it is not held as a priority in the United States it is in my children’s life and my husband’s life. Many people in our culture probably think what I do is a waste because I receive no monetary reimbursement but the truth is money will not be there in the afterlife and is only a necessary part of this lifetime.  I feel God called me to be a wife and a mother to raise my children to love and give back to the world and that is the most important contribution I will make!

My dream has been fulfilled I married my soul mate. I am still madly in love with him and get lost in his blue eyes constantly. I am no longer infatuated with him he is now my best friend and my husband. We have our moments and arguments but that is part of any relationship. When we took those wedding vows (Thank God) we both took them to mean until death do we part. Now I am living my dream. I am a stay at home mom of the most wonderful 4 children God ever created. I am blessed with a supportive husband and loving children. If he asked me I would say yes again!


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