I write, April 29 Daily Reflection

1 element that adds to the chaos

To breathe, to catch my breath, how do I do that with the laundry spread across the floor waiting to be folded, with my 11 year old asking me constant questions, with my stomach growling from hunger, with the stress of knowing I cannot find a thing to fix for dinner and don’t have the time it would take to eat before the next soccer practice begins. How do I relax knowing in 2 hours I will be teaching a class and I am nervous about the material?

I just want to talk to my husband when he gets home but my mind is racing and the kids will bombard him with questions and then it will be time to leave: hungry, nervous, frustrated, annoyed and unable to breathe right. I walk outside for fresh air but it is still and hot yet inside there is no quiet kids are playing a game hitting the walls harmlessly but loudly and it all feels too much for me.

¬†Where do I go? How do I center my soul? And so I write until my fingers cramp, I write until my breathing becomes normal once more, I write so I can think a complete thought and calm my nerves. And so I write…


  1. Michael Fanelli

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