If God is all loving then why…May 15, 2013 Daily Reflection

A perfect day

It’s almost majestic; when the clouds are a perfect white and the blue is well, sky blue and the breeze is light and the air is the right balance of warm and cool. The leaves are bright green and the grass is lush, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. It’s like Utopia. Don’t we love to live in this scene surrounded by obvious beauty that lifts our spirits and moves our souls?

Of course we would all like to live in paradise. A place where nature is gentle and giving and people are loving and kind. A place without war, murder, lies, cover ups, guns, violence, anger and abuse. But the truth of the matter is that we live on earth and not in heaven.

God gave each one of us the gift of life. With this gift He also gave us the gift of free will. We can create havoc, violence and chaos. Or we can choose to spread love, beauty and kindness.

I was asked recently “If God is all loving, then why does He allow suffering, abuse, war and all of the hatred? Why didn’t he choose to give us paradise?” I have prayed and thought about this question for quite some time.

I believe that God gives us life, freewill and a good heart. I believe there is chaos and evil in the world.  God tries to guide us in His ways but we don’t always listen. Even those who listen and try to love others and bring good to the world have tragic things occur in their lives. But I believe it is God who gives us the strength to find the good even in the horror of the evil. I believe that suffering builds character and brings us closer to God. Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, He was scourged, whipped, beaten and humiliated; he suffered for us. God allowed His son to endure unbelievable suffering so that we may have an example of how to forgive and love others without condition. I believe there will be a paradise and a heaven where there is nothing but goodness, bliss, color and love. I also believe God asked us to bring some of this heaven to our earth through our actions, attitudes and words.

God is all loving. No matter what we have chosen to do or not do God continues to love us. It is our responsibility to bring heaven to this earth. God gave us that responsibility. Now we need to paint our little part of the earth in the bright colors of kindness, generosity, compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love. The more faith we spread the more colors can be painted.

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