Illumination, April 22, 2015 Daily Reflection

Harvard archway

Harvard archway

So many of us in life are just going through the motions, routines, and expected patterns. We think we are happy within our pattern of work, eat, watch TV, sleep, and repeat. We have yet to experience an illumination that sets our hearts on fire and moves us off the couch into a new way of truly living our lives.

It happens in different ways for different people. Some people have a change of life, or what I like to call conversion, due to a death, disease or near death experience. Others go on a mission trip, volunteer, or help others in a way they never experienced before. These experiences change the perspective of a person. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes slowly over time, but that person changes his/her perception of life. Instead of eat, work, watch TV, and sleep the desire to live a different more meaningful life begins.

We are trying constantly to fill our desires and quench our thirst for something. However, many of us cannot figure out what that “something” is in life. As we age we begin to understand what is valuable and what is wasteful. Our minds begin to see the light. An illumination seeps through the open mind of our more accepting attitude.

This can happen earlier in life as well. If we could only slow down enough to not just talk at God but to listen to God’s plan for our lives. We can hear God in other’s voices and witness God in the their faces. Listen for God in one another, in nature, in volunteering, in tragedy, in happiness, in all experiences and one day you will be illuminated by God. Don’t just wait on the couch for the light to shine upon you. Get off the couch and have experiences of giving, loving selflessly, and living and you will begin to feel the light shining on you and your life will change from the inside out.

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