Imagine, September 4, 2017 Daily Reflection

Class work

I have been working on this Master’s Degree program for four years. I am finally writing my capstone paper. When the paper is finished, the rough draft is due September 26th, it will be over. I can’t imagine not writing papers every 15 weeks, reflective essays at least 2 usually 30 pages’ total. I can’t imagine not preparing each Sunday for classes and reading constantly to prepare for it. I can’t imagine relaxing and not having a paper hanging over my head. But really, I can and the thought brings me peace, comfort, and a sigh of relief. I can imagine spending more time with my family. I can imagine saying, Yes, I can come to that family gathering and not staying behind to work.
It’s really coming to an end. However, I have learned so much, grown, and made good friends on the journey. It was a great, long, experience. Thanks, for your prayers and support, I will be asking for a little more of both to finish the paper, I am half way through, it is 40 pages.

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