Immoral Action Presentation, January 9, 2016 Daily Reflection

Preparing the lesson

Preparing the lesson

This semester I am teaching my juniors about Catholic morality. Each student has to give an individual formal presentation. I brainstormed until I created an idea. Sometimes it is easier to understand something if you can understand it’s opposite. Morality can seem like a complex idea to teens. Is it just about choosing good over bad? Is it about using our knowledge, experience, and revelation from God and his teachings to follow his ways and to make an informed valuable decision in the face of opposition?

I just finished putting together a list of 60 immoral actions; 30 that teens typically use, 20 that they witness their parents and other adults of this culture partake in and 10 that are used on a global basis. I will let each student draw blindly one of these immoral actions. Once the student has a topic the research portion will begin with articles, videos, and charts explaining the relevancy of this topic to his/her own life and the life of others. They must define why it is an immoral act. Then they must conclude what he/she must do to change that act and make a moral decision and how that will affect others.

Each student will put their findings together in a presentation and educate the class about this immoral action and how we can take steps to make this world a better place by choosing to live a moral life instead. I am not preaching to my students. Instead my students will do the research and preach it to one another. No two students will have the same action (no copying) and we each learn something new. Hopefully it will help them to understand the purpose of morality in a realistic way! It will be quite a bit of work, but then again attempting to live a moral life is a lot of work! Say a prayer for my students that they take this lesson to heart!

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