Impaled, January 6, 2016 Daily Reflection

Let God's light shine through you

Let God’s light shine through you

Last night I started ┬ámy 7th course of my Master’s Degree program. The course is called faith and culture. During a discussion about answering God’s call in our lives our facilitator, Denise, said “It is almost as though we must be impaled by the light of God so that there can be an opening that he can shine through.”

God doesn’t want to impale us with an instrument of destruction. God wants for us to live out our lives in dedication to his purpose. We are to bring the Good News of God to the world. We need to die to our own needs so that we can follow the path of God. No wonder our country is in a faith crisis, we are quite a selfish people. If we could put ourselves fourth, and put God first, others second, and creation third we could fulfill our mission.

The only way to shine with the light of God is to allow God’s love to penetrate, or impale our souls and then his light can shine out for all to see. Are you ready to put yourself last and put God first? Are you ready to let God impale your life with his love?

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