Importance of Prayer in the classroom, September 4, 2014 Daily Reflection

prayerI have given the first test of the year to my students this week. The last essay question is a bonus (worth up to 10 points). It is opinion based, why would you not answer that? The question was “Why do you think I place so much emphasis on prayer in my class?”

I love their answers!!! To bring us closer to God. To bring us closer together as a class and allow us to bond. To give us creative ways to pray. This is probably the only time most of us pray each day. To show how important prayer is. To strengthen our faith life. But one of my favorite’s was “In my opinion, it’s because you care about us.” Many said, it is a fun way to pray and others said I hope you won’t stop doing this type of prayer. I really enjoy it. Someone said, “It is the easiest way to connect to God.”

I think they get it! As a theology teacher in a Catholic High School I think prayer should always be the focus of each day whether it is with a brief nod to God a creative prayer activity by the students or a long prayer lead meditation. The point of the entire Church is to bring people closer to God. Prayer is one of the best ways to achieve it. My students GET IT!!!!

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