In prayer, March 7 Daily Reflection

Lost in prayer

Her eyes gently closed, her head dropped, her lips pursed, her cheek bones relaxed, she is somewhere else not visible to the bystander; she is in prayer.  Her face reveals no tension, fear or anxiety but only peace and calm.

When we bow our heads to pray we all pray differently. Some of us pray with a furrowed brow, others with tears running down our red face. Some of us pray with our teeth clenched and our noses wrinkled and others with our eyes opened transfixed on a symbol of God. It all depends on what or who we are praying for that changes our facial expressions.

Her expression is one that looks content, complete and in deep prayer perhaps in the true presence of God.  Through this prayer she looks as though she is one with God in His calming light.

Today, when you pray be aware of how you hold your face, your hands, your fists and your eyes. So much can be opened to us if we notice the way we pray.


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