In that old barn loft, April 4, 2012 Daily Reflection

The old barn loft

I climbed up the yellow poplar sturdy old ladder into the 200 year old barn loft. As I regained my footing in the hay and dusted off my pants I raised my eyes to the rafters and there it was; a red door at the top of the barn, barely open with light flooding through. I bent to my knees to help the little 1st graders one by one off of the ladder into the loft. They ran, explored and threw the hay into the air. When all 20 were accounted for and the noise level was high I looked back up to shards of hay and dust floating in the air spotlighted by the sun’s ray. The noise faded, I was completely transfixed on the light and its simple beauty. The children never noticed it they frolicked and played like children do and as they ran each child at some point was touched by the light, running in circles through its great rays. It was as though God was highlighting His greatest pleasures His children and their joy.

Children do not over analyze a moment, they do not think twice about joy. They simply run, laugh, play and are merry. Their natural disposition is soaked in laughter, hugs, and goodness. They live from moment to moment and just let the moment be. We were each that child once in laughter and joy, in goodness and innocence and we too ran through God’s golden rays of light. Once in awhile we catch a glimpse of it; childhood, when we watch a sunset, stop to look at spider web or simply take a deep breath and realize we are happy to be alive.

I believe that God’s light shone so brightly through that little door in the loft of that antique barn in incandescent joy. For in that moment God was smiling listening to His children’s laughter and watching them playing. I was blessed to be in that light and witness God’s pleasure.

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