In the Distance, January 22 Daily Reflection

Jake all bundled up in the snow

Jake all bundled up in the snow

Distant, bundled up, mittens on, hat on, hood up, zipped up tight just standing there waiting. From a distance it is hard to know the child all bundled up and protected from the cold and the snow. That child do you know him? Your child do you know him?

Yes, of course you know your own child, he is your child. You know his favorite color, his favorite food, his favorite cartoon character, his favorite toy to play with his favorite stuffed animal to snuggle with at night but do you know his soul? Do you know his heart, his needs and his love?

As moms we rush through life getting them ready for school, getting them to school, going to work or cleaning the house, running the errands, keeping up with our particular responsibilities that life throws at us daily. We have to pick up the kids do the homework, go from one sports practice, to dance, to other events and meetings. We have to feed them something for dinner, get them ready for bed and then catch up on the housework, the bills and extra errands. Suddenly midnight hits and we have to do it all over again.

 Where is the time to sit and talk with our children about their day? Where is the time to slow down and ask them how they are and let them talk with us? Do we know what they did today? Have we had a chance to think about it or are we so occupied with marking the necessary things off the list that we have not even thought to ask how they are?

 We are running through life getting it done, just barely. We all want to be great moms that raise good children. We want our children to come first, we want all that is best for them and we are trying the best we know how.

When can you fit your child in today? Maybe instead of listening to music in the car you can have a conversation with your child, many moms find that is the best time to talk, less distractions, try it! Maybe each day you could carve out 5 – 10 minutes for each child to be alone with them and pray together or talk together just the two of you, night-time works best for me when I tuck them in, fewer distractions for them, try it!  Maybe you should make a goal to have 2 meals at your table, at home, as a family each week. Then at that table you can share your lives as a family. Try it!

You may know the things you have to know about your child but don’t we all want to know so much more? Take the time to put your child on your list and give him the time to get to know you better as well. This is a relationship you want to last for a lifetime, if you do not relate it will fade in the future. So take that time to know the heart, the soul and the needs of the little one all bundled up, that seems so distant and pull him closer to you each and every day because he is waiting there for you!


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