In the eyes of a child, February 9 Daily Reflection

Spencer with his snowball!

Laughter, love, giggles, playfulness, kindness, dreaming, the future, part of my heart and soul: what I see when I look into Spencer’s eyes. When I gaze into the eyes of my child I see so much more than the color. Eyes seem to be the window to a child’s soul.

 We move so quickly as parents and our children move so quickly that we have little time to just sit and gaze into their eyes. They are such little giggle boxes that it is a difficult task to undertake! When you see your child today try it. Ask your child to sit with you and look into your eyes, if your child is young ask him to name all the colors of your eyes.  If the wiggle worm is too wiggly then take a picture or look for a picture and take the time to really study the eyes of your child.

What do you see in your child’s eyes?  I find his personality jumps out from the expression he wears, he is so silly, cute, kind, laid back and caring. There is so much there, all the traits passed down from generations upon generations, genes inherited, a history of parents that loved one another and created life and we as moms continued that cycle of life. The lives of others are intertwined into this new life, he may never know his history but it is a part of who he is from birth until death. We are all connected through family, friends, faith, and the very hands of God that choose to create each and every one who exists today, who has existed and has since passed on. Your child is a creation of God planned from the time that the earth was created, God knew what lineage he would be bound from, before time and space existed God knew my Spencer would come from me! That is an amazing thought to fathom. That God created this existence and because He is all knowing he knew when this little person would be a person and who he would come from.

 Someone once asked me if I believe before we are born into this life we existed in heaven in a different form with God? Talk about thinking deeply! Wow, to consider that before life as we know it, we could have existed in a different form is almost too much for my little human brain to handle! I do believe God knew us before he breathed life into our lungs, so I guess so.

 What do you think? Do you think each one of us started from God in a different form? Do you think God planned us from the beginning of time? Looking into the eyes of your child witnessing that innocent, love and goodness one has to believe that your child and my child are pure creations of God without a doubt who else could create such beauty?

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