In The Passenger’s Seat, June 14 Daily Reflection

Spencer in the passenger seat

Ever feel unhappy, not content and just downright pouty? Is it because you feel like someone else is in the driver’s seat of your life and you are just a passenger with little to no control over the direction?

Many new moms have this overwhelming feeling. We anticipate the birth of our first baby romanticizing how sweet and precious that new life will be to our existence. We give birth and people help us at the hospital for about 48 hours around the clock with that new precious life. Then they send us home and our lives start over and we are no longer in the driver’s seat we are controlled by a little 7lb 8 oz being who cries without telling us why, whose needs become more important than any basic need we might have including sleeping, eating, showering or doing any one thing for ourselves. We are in the passenger seat looking out the window questioning it all. We have hormones raging about our bodies and emotions reeling, it is one of the most taxing experiences of a lifetime. However as all things that happen in life this time moves on, the baby grows and life becomes more manageable.

There are other times in life when we give selflessly and feel out of control in our marriages, taking care of our aging parents, helping with a friend’s problems and the list goes on. When we love selflessly and feel someone else is in control of the direction of our lives we must think more deeply than that. Is someone else in control or have we given that control up temporarily for the good of another? In fact is it that we are out of control or is it that we have let God be completely in control of the direction? We were created for so much more than to produce at work, to complete endless To Do Lists, and to be a career person. We were created to love selflessly in the light of God’s amazing grace.

When you love selflessly, don’t pout and be upset embrace the moment of living fully the life God intended for you since the day He created You!

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