In the stillness, July 25 Sunday Tidbit

Angel in the garden

The sunbeam falls across her face and her wings softly whispering “I choose you” from a place somewhere in the heavens, as the angel prays looking upward into the light. Are we looking upward into the light listening for slightest sound, a whisper, a word, an idea or a thought from above? Have we paused yet today to still our body and our mind to fold our hands in prayer and speak to God?

 It’s time to stand in the garden with stillness, look upward, close our eyes and speak to God. When you are finished speaking remain, silent, unmoving and wait for that sunbeam to fall across your face. Wait and listen intently for the faintest whisper, almost as a fleeting thought in your mind, saying “I choose you, I love you” from somewhere up above, from somewhere deep within.


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