In This Building, June 26, 2013 Daily Reflection

My Church

We gather in this building not as those who believe we are finished growing but as those who know we have so much more to learn, to live and to be forgiven for in this life. It is a misconception that those who believe themselves to be perfect or worthy enter this building. The truth of the matter is that we who enter the building are sinners seeking the forgiveness of an all loving God. We are broken and need one another to repair us to lift us up and make us whole.

We do not believe we have the answers. Rather we go searching for the answers. We search where we believe God will see us.

Ultimately because we are all sinners these buildings should be packed. If they were busting at the seams I believe there would be more peace and less needless suffering in the world. If we turned to God instead of drugs, alcohol, money and material possessions to fill us our world would be a completely different place.

I choose the Catholic Church to seek out God. The religion you align yourself with is a personal decision. The most important part is the personal relationship with God in a community of believers who support and love you. Find one of these buildings and gather in search of the peace we all seek. God is better than any self help book! Try it and see. It might take a few different buildings and religions before you find your home but make the effort it is worth it in the end; because in this building you will find other sinners seeking the peace of God just like you.

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