Influencers, July 23, 2018 Daily Reflection

Me and my kids

As most of you know I am an avid podcast listener. I rarely listen to music in my car or on my walks. I listen to podcasts. I have always enjoyed listening to stories and interviews (not political). Some of my favorites are Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, This American Life, Ted Radio Hour, The Catholic Feminist, Hidden Brain, Rough Translation, Goal Digger, and the Influencers. They are all excellent podcasts with great morals, stories, new discoveries, and ideas to help you grow.
Influencer is a word that is used often on the business podcasts. Any one who has been given the ability to sway another person’s opinion or influence their decisions. We each have people in our lives who influence us in different ways. What we fail to realize is that we too are influencers to others. Who in your life asks for your advice or wisdom? Who talks to you and listens to your answers? These are the easy ones to detect. We also influence some people we wouldn’t expect would listen or ask us any questions. Yet, our words, actions, and lives influences them. As adults we influence every younger person around us whether we want to or not we are being watched. We also influence older adults, they form opinions of our age group based on our actions and reactions.

Today, take a few minutes to consider who influences you. Then take a few minutes to think about who you might influence. Last, reflect on your actions, reactions, and attitudes are these ways that you want to influence others?

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