Information Center, June 30 Daily Reflection

Information Center

Don’t we all wish we had a simple information center we could access in our lives, a central physical location that we could approach with all of our questions and concerns?

 In our modern lives we are inundated with information from all types of media; internet, TV, radio, IPODs, 24 hour access to news and information. There is access to so much information that it is overwhelming us and many of us have sensory overload from the exposure. Yes, we have access to find what we are looking for if we want to look up a specific fact but what about opinions, beliefs and core values?

Where do we go daily to find that information?

Some of us go to Church and are a part of a religion. The Bible is a great source of information inspired by God to guide and direct us in this crazy existence we call life. There are many books that compliment the Bible. There are also many people who will help you to understand its meaning better. Many of us go to our families and parents to seek out their core beliefs and values. We look to our past and how we were raised to understand better the choices we make today. Some of us rely on the pull of our culture. What does modern society think about this issue? What does the law teach about that subject? Some of us go to God directly in prayer asking Him to guide us in the direction that is right. Although we rarely hear a booming voice in response to our request, if we quiet ourselves long enough we can usually find a way to listen to God’s guidance. 

We can go many places for information to help guide us in our lives but ultimately it comes down to what we believe is right in our heart. We have all come from different families, religions, cultures and educational backgrounds and we have to take all of that experience and weigh it daily to find the answers to the difficult and simple questions in this life. Our truest information center is reflection. Instead of simply acting if we stop and reflect on the issue at hand we can usually find a thoughtful response and then we can make a conscious and informed decision.

Next time you are looking for that Information Center find a quiet place say a prayer, search your heart, remember your values, reflect deeply and then decide. That information Center you desire is within your reach you have only to reflect and listen intently.

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