Is He Pleased? March 27, 2012 Daily Reflection

Spencer's Snow Angel

He is so proud of his snow angel. He made it on his own. He wanted a picture of it to remember it. Our children should have pride in what they do. Look at the smile on his face. I did not tell him to make a snow angel. He did not ask how to make a snow angel. He just decided it would be fun to do it. Then he stood back looked at what he had created and was pleased with it.

God did the same thing long ago. God created you. You were a thought and then you were created. He granted you life. Then he backed up and looked at His creation and decided He was well pleased with you as His very own creation.

Is He still smiling at you today? Is God well pleased with what you have done with His creation?

Only you can answer that question. He created you and grants you life daily but He in His infinite wisdom gives you free will. You can acknowledge your creator and His gifts or you can completely ignore or disown God. He gives us each that right. What have you done with your free will? If God backed up now and looked at you (which I believe He does daily) would He be pleased with what you have done to His creation of you?

If you think He is pleased with your life continue to please Him. If however, you think He is not you can change this very second. You can acknowledge Him, thank Him, talk to Him and let Him guide you in a way that will better your life. It’s never too late to start pleasing God.

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