It’s a new school year, August 17, 2015 Daily Reflection

My Classroom

My Classroom

Today, is the first day of the school year for me! This is the beginning of my 3rd year as a teacher. I am not your ordinary teacher. I do not have an education background. I have a background in spirituality, creating and leading retreats, writing motivational faith talks, writing a daily faith blog, and coordinating a service program for 9 years. I am earning my Master’s degree in Theology with a concentration in Christian Spirituality. My goals are not high grades on the ACT, they are leading my students to personal experiences with God. My goals are not that they learn every small rule about the Catholic Church, but how to be a Christian that truly follows the way of Christ in the Catholic Church. My goals are not to stress the students out, but to give them skills to help them overcome their stress, and bring them into a relationship with God.

I am different because God has inspired me to focus on bringing everyone closer to him. I am not an English teacher, but I have my students write in a daily journal so they can reflect on the ideas of that lesson. I am not a speech teacher, but I have my students give weekly presentations with others in their class so they will feel comfortable sharing their ideas in front of others. I am a woman with a focus on teaching my students skills that will help them in the real world. I try to teach them how to communicate through the written word, verbally, and through thoughtful questions.

Today I will meet 60 new students. I will wear my wooden cross on my leather necklace every single day so that they never forget that I am representing a living breathing Christian in the best way I know how. I will listen to them, teach them, guide them, lead them, care for them, and pray for them in hopes that they will understand that God is real, that God is love, and that without God we will never be filled. I want them to experience God and be influenced through that relationship to love themselves, others, and all of creation. I have huge goals. However, when God is with us who can be against us? I can do all things through God! It is not me that does this work but God that does his work through me.

Please say a prayer for my students as they start a new journey towards a deeper relationship with God.


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