It’s Free, October 6 Daily Reflection

Jake getting some candy.

Jake getting some candy.

What will you get after you put your quarter in the little candy machine?  How many sprees, M&M’s or skittles?  Do we count how many pieces of candy land in our hand?  When you were a kid and you had the correct coin to slide down into the dispenser did you wait in anxious anticipation of the taste that would soon explode on your tongue?

It was one of the items I never counted.  I just wanted to eat the candy.  How many things in our lives now do we not count?  Is there anything that we just derive pleasure from without over thinking?

God gives us a free sunrise every single morning.  God gives us nature that surrounds us every day.  God gives us the air to breathe and the sun’s warmth upon our faces to feel His presence.  God gives us the sounds of nature, the birds chirping, the squirrels chewing on their acorns and the bees buzzing about in the clover.  God gives us a sunset every evening and then wraps the sky with stars every night. 

God gives us all of His creations for free.  There is no where to slide the coin, no register to ring up the price of hearing nature, no where to slide our plastic so we can pay for it eventually.  It’s all there for us to take in if we choose to see it.  If we choose to look and not count but truly derive pure pleasure from His presence in Nature.

So today put your quarter and credit card away and take a few minutes to look around you when you go outside.  Breathe it in, listen with your eyes closed and then open them to the beauty God has blanketed us with.  Just let the soothing part of nature bring you a simple free pleasure that will make your senses appreciate it all. Like the child we were waiting in anticiapation of that taste on our tongue may we wait in anticiaption of that next sunset.

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