It’s in our hands, June 12, 2013 Daily Reflection

We are holding their faith in our hands

A national survey was conducted among American Teenagers about spirituality and religious practices. The most interesting result was that 1/3 of the teens surveyed were practicing their religion. These teens practiced the religion of their parents. These same teens were very successful in academics, sports and extracurricular endeavors. The number one influence for these American teens that regularly practiced their religion was the example of their parents. If their parents went to church weekly they went to church. However, of the 1/3 of teens surveyed that did not practice any religion or consider themselves to be spiritual their parents did not take them to church or inconsistently took them to church.

What this survey screamed to me was it is up to the parents to form the faith of their teens through their childhood and their personal practices within in their faith and religion. We as parents are responsible for so much of our children’s lives. Is there anything more important than their faith life?

What have you taught your children through your own example? If you have teens it is not too late. Discuss your faith with your teen and put it into practice. They are reflections of us. What do you see when you look at them?

The formation of their faith life is in our hands.

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