It’s My 6 Year Anniversary, July 6, 2016 Daily Reflection

Writing my reflections

Writing my reflections

Today is my 2,203rd blog I have written. I have not skipped one day in 6 years! I have gone from 800 hits monthly to about 7,000! I am so excited to be at this point! However, because I am at this point I need to give all the glory and honor to God. Like I told my dad at the beginning of this venture, “God will give me the words to write daily.” Honestly, God is in charge. I pray often for God to inspire my words and message. I don’t write for me. I don’t write for money, I haven’t made a penny off of this blog. I write to move people closer to God through my experiences, love, words, and messages.

Thank you for clicking on my site and reading what I write. Thank you for opening your mind to God’s invitation of unconditional love. Thank you for your encouragement and constant support!


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