It’s Not Just a Tree, December 20, 2011 Daily Reflection

Our Christmas Tree

This is our Christmas Tree with lights and ornaments.

Actually this is a picture of our beloved butterball, the tree we found and chopped down together as a family. Its lights are new LED lights hung with great care by my husband. The ornaments are not just ornaments they are memories, of snowflakes made in preschool, pictures from when they were babies, and arts and crafts the children have made over the years. At the top of the tree sits an angel cracked and glued back together again, because a child dropped her years ago. Just below the angel hangs history, an ornament from each of the children’s great grandparents first Christmas trees, when they were newly married; one dates back to the 1940’s. The tree skirt below was hand made by my mom and many ornaments were sewn by her as well. You see this is not just a Christmas tree. It is a Christmas tree filled with meaning, history and tradition.

Christmas is not just a day to celebrate once a year generically with gifts. It is a day that represents the entrance into our world of the most awe inspiring gift ever; the gift of God made flesh.

It’s not just a tree…

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